Contact Us About Creating a 100% Custom Board

Why a Custom Board?

  • There will be no one else on the planet with the same board as you! How awesome is it to own something that is 100% customized to fit your personality and your style?!
  • Stand out in the crowd with one of a kind board that only you will have
  • Gift a truly unique piece of functional art to someone special and make an imprint on their life for many years to come
  • Call it a truly collaborative art piece that you co-created with the RYS designer

The Process is Simple:

  1. Select a few attributes from the below drop-down menu
  2. Write down who this board is for, a few things you or that person likes, favorite colors, and add any links to image inspiration that you think might help
  3. Hit “SEND” and we will get right back to you with either more questions or the first draft of your new RYS Board!
  4. Once we are connected, we will send you a payment request for either:
    • Custom Board (with 2 revisions) $300 Value
    • Custom Board (with 3 revisions) $350 Value

NOTE: Custom boards take approximately 2-3 weeks to make depending on how fast you provide feedback on design options. The faster we get through the design fast, the sooner you will be able to ride your new RYS Board!!